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Strengths of providing free 360-degree high quality Wi-Fi service

IEEE 802. 11ac Wave2 1.7Gbps

First ever launched in Korea, the next VVIA1700 delivers up to 1.7Gbps of data processing, which is much faster than previous maximum speed(1.3Gbps).

The VVIA1700 is available for 500m of Wi-Fi coverage. It can be connected up to 2~30 km wirelessly when using parabolic antenna. Enable to use high-speed(maximum 1.7Gbps) data in densely populated location that cause RF interference.

Panel AP, Specialized in PTP and PTMP with 3km without extra antenna

IEEE 802. 11ac Wave2 867Mbps

The VVIA650 is a directional wireless AP with 867Mbps, especially easy leverage of backbone solution.

With one AP, it can be accessed more than 3km itself and designed to 360 degree Wi-Fi for public by using dipole antenna. VVIA650 is currently being developed and will be released.


Multi-hop optimized technology
Using a stand-alone RF module + Built-in L2 switching

Independent RF Moduel Adoption

Up to 3 can be mounted

Path System

Development of wireless network
technology with high reliability
and various paths

Excellent 3-hop function compared to competitors


512 simultaneous users to 1 AP

Provides stable Wi-Fi service even when multiple people connect at the same time.


Speeds up to 1.7Gbps

First in Korea to support speeds up to 1.7Gbps. Faster than existing maximum speed (1.3Gbps)


Multi-hop technoiogy over 3HOP

Equipped with independent RF module, up to max. 3units


(international waterproof and dustproof rating) grade durability


POINT : Maximization efficiency, Wide area, Public Wi-Fi stable

  • Multi-HOP Technology development more than 3HOP

  • Path System : Wireless network technology development for high confidence and various path

  • Excellent 3HOP function adoption compared to competitors

  • Adoption of Private wireless console function

  • Customizing Service for Custom needs


POINT : Specific direction, Self Healing, Fast speed

  • Specific direction : It is possible to transmit more concentrated signal to the receiving terminal by minimizing the signal radiated in unnecessary direction

  • Applying beamforming technology to the connection between APs improves the multi-hop function, thereby achieving seamless wireless communication

  • Improve signal quality delivered to receiver with faster information transfer and fewer errors

  • Self Healing : Reconstructs network environment quickly and smoothly using beamforming technology when one AP’s communication is not smooth in mesh network.

  • Customizing Service for Custom needs